Caul, a company based in Verona in the tools sector, was born in 1983 from the business dream of Luciano and Stefano Pellegrini.
The strong passion for their work and for world of tools has led to the creation of high-performance products and has always motivated the work of the Caul Team made up of experts ready to respond and satisfy every customer needs.
The tool industry has changed considerably over the years but, for us, two things have always remained the same: our passion and continuous innovation.

Because, remember, #WELOVEINNOVATION.

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Performance and innovation

High performance results.
Are we satisfied with our work? Yes, but we will certainly continue to innovate looking to the future!

Made in Italy

The production of our tools is characterized by a great professionalism. Our collaborators are experts in the world of tools and ready to satisfy every request.


Every single piece is scrupulously checked by our LabQuality before arriving in the hands of the end user.

It's green! It's CAUL!

The green color distinguishes our top range production and our technology. If it's green, it's Caul.

We are a family!

For us, people come first.
Creating a "friendly" workplace was essential for us. Our labs were born for these very reasons: encourage the meeting, the exchange of ideas and healthy entertainment.

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