To have high quality work with tools for many years we suggest to follow some simple rules:

1) We suggest to clean the body and cutter parts of tools periodically to use at most the power of our knives.

2) On CNC tools type you have to clean shafts and seats of them in machines because even the smallest residual of dirty can reduce maximum cutting quality and rotation of machine rotors. Our tools are always balanced at least G2.5 that is one of more accurate grade of balancing.

3) In case of big shock on tools we suggest to send them back to the supplier. (damaged parts can be very dangerous)

4) Knives with a thickness of 2mm suggest to do not sharp more than 0.4mm on front to avoid problem on metall.

If you have questions about your CAUL tools do not hesitate to contact us; safety at first!

warnings about caul woodworking tools