Perfect Wood is a practical and professional polyamide resin, whose use is recommended for professionals but also for hobbyists.
Its main use is to repair knots, cracks and crevices on the wood and more!

Its versatile elasticity makes it suitable for many other uses:
Furniture restoration
Reconstruction of damaged parts

cracked wood caul utensili per legno
repairing wood caul utensili per legno
repaired wood caul utensili per legno

Its strength consists in the exceptional elasticity that allows, contrary to the traditional filler, to avoid cracks and deformations.
Its adhesive strength allows optimal adherence to the surface of the wood and in a few moments it becomes workable.

It is also paintable!

perfect wood kit caul utensili per legno
perfect wood spare caul utensili per legno

The KIT includes:

Thermal gun with adjustable temperature
Two envelopes of mixed resin sticks
Comfortable and ergonomic plane knife
Two metal cooler
Silicone mat
Glue saver to avoid waste
Color samples set

Available colors

perfect wood available color

Temperature of working 160-170°C. The colors shown here may differ from the final.