Easy, fast and precise: this is the new method to join logs for arches.
The function is totally pneumatic and thanks to the timer it is possible to choose the time of fixing.
Thanks to the boost system and the great strenght of the pistons it is possible to handle the timber a few seconds after tightening without having to wait for the drying of adhesive.
Assemble the logs very easily and in record time!

Technical data

Sizes: 870x330x220mm
Weight: 70Kg
Sprint: 40mm
Power: Pneumatica

Maintenance: Cleaning only
Operator: One
Waiting: 5 seconds between pieces

Sets the right distance between the logs and let our machine do the job; it is indipendent from the logs' inclination.
It allows, thanks to the grain divaricator, to vary the inclination of the pieces to join even woods with very sharp angles.
Allows longitudinal alignment of the pieces thanks to the laser-marked millimeter scale.
Furthermore, adjusting the height is very simple, just set the thickness of the wood on the laser-marked millimeter scale.
Cross-shaped clamps in anodized aluminum with anti-rotation device are available.
All this makes piece placement incredibly simple.

The control panel allows:
Independently adjustable speed of opening and closing
Set the time spent in the state of clamping

Safety comes first
Emergency button
Action with double button and valve bimanual
CE marking