Safety recommendations

  • Always follow with care all the regulations and instructions given for the safe use of CAUL tools given in the relative manual each tool or electrical power tool. Always follow the safety regulations set by the relevant accident prevention organizations.
  • There are always hazards involved when operating rotary machines or tools. Always work carefully and ensure that your concentration is fully focused on the job in hand. Only work if you are physically in good condition and in a clean working area and machine bed which are well lit and free of obstacles.
  • Only install accessories which are correctly sharpened and in perfect condition on the machine. Never use cracked, warped, fractured or incorrectly sharpened accessory blades.
  • To carry out manually fed jobs in safety, always use accessory blades with chip reduction measures (MAN).
  • Check that the tool is rotating in the correct direction.
  • Never exceed the maximum speed indicated on the tool (n. max ... ).
  • The chip aspirator must always be started together with the machine.
  • Before installing an accessory blade onto the machine, always ensure that all the securing screws are correctly tightened and will not become loosened during use.
  • When installing accessories, always ensure that the body of the accessory is correctly secured by the locking system and that the blades are not in contact with other blades or parts of the locking system.
  • Only use solvents which will not damage aluminium to remove resin from accessories in light alloy.
  • Locking surfaces must be clean and free of grease, oil, water, etc.
  • Securing bolts must be tightened following the instructions supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Never use power lead extensions and never use a hammer to tighten bolts.
  • Only use detachable rings or bushes supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Composite accessories may only be repaired by qualified personnel, such as, for example, trained and expert personnel with an adequate knowledge of the tool's design specifications and also of the relative safety requirements.
  • When repairing, only use replacement parts which comply with the same characteristics as original replacement parts supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Ensure that the correct tolerances are kept to ensure that the accessory blade is correctly secured.
  • To execute one sampling before passing to the mass production.
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