The EVO TOOLS line of tools has 35 years of experience behind it and represents the perfect combination of reversible knives, inserts and shaped plates to achieve the best finishing quality of the piece with a balanced life span of sharp edges and guarantee user-friendly use.
EVO TOOLS technology is adaptable on CNC, TOUPIE and ANGLE machines.

evo tools utensili per legno
evo tools cnc utensili per legno

Cutting speed Vc 85 m / s
Feed rate Vf 8 m / min

Technical features

High quality HW inserts with a "micro grain" studied for a optimal life span of sharp edges
Maximum axial inclination on knives to obtain a better finishing quality and fractional cut
Reduction of noise and optimal air flow due to specific geometry of tool body
Higher standard of eccentricity, G2.5, of tool's balance
Easy and fast assembly or disassembly of inserts and knives (reduction of maintenance time)
Inserts and knives positioned inside seats with mechanical support for precision that is easy to repeat over time
Triangular knives with positive angle for a smooth finish
Changeable radius knives for a maximum flexibility in changing profiles (reduce costs)
High quality shank with predisposition for chip "balluff"
Locking system with extra bolts to prevent unscrewing of sleeves or shank


We propose more technologies for your tool

DLC coated knives for extreme life span of sharp edges and reduction of heat development
Profiled knives with chip-breakers to remove micro imperfections on wood
Tools mounted on shank HSK with heat shrinking for a tolerance of +/-0.00 that improves cutting quality
Anodic oxidation of light alloy body for a reduction of tool wear; Hard anodic oxidation for longest life span of tool (suggested in case of abrasive materials)
Plug for CNC tools to facilitate their maintenance

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