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  • TOOLWASH - System to wash the tools

    The primary cause about the clogging of the cutters on the tools to work wood is the resin; the solution is hard and takes time.
    We create TOOLWASH: a system of washing tools with closed circuit and high recycle. The system is totally automatic and combines the chemical action with the physical action.
    The machine is in steel: Inox Aisi 304 18/10, the mechanical components are connected and the electrical parts (main switch, timer, lights of control) are on a removable panel for easy maintenance.
    The fan-shaped sprays make a chisel action to remove the remaining resin effectively. The big basket is supported by a double bearing. Everything is completed by device of security if you open the machine when it's in use.
    With the machine are include 3 Liter of special cleansing detergent.