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    New serie of tools "PERFORMANCE TOOLS" establishes new standard inside production.

    More cutting speed: +50% (until 120 m/s)
    More productivity: +20%
    More feed: +50%
    Lower peoduction time: -50%
    Reduction noise: -50%

    Your advantages... with PERFORMANCE TOOLS:
    1) Minimum machine downtime due to longer life of the knives
    2) Faster maintenance thanks to faster, more precise and supported knife changes
    3) Better quality surface
    4) Innovative locking system for difficult load
    5) Independent knife positioning without adjustment aid
    6) Easy accessibility for quick and tidy cleaning
    7) Vibration reduction thanks to the superior degree of balance g=2,5
    8) With the minimum effort, maximum fixing with only 12 Nm
    9) No loss of performance after the re-profiling of the knives
    10) Low noise thanks to the design of the tool body

    The interactive service to display the dedicated page of your tool with your Smartphone and Tablet.
    Immediate view of the technical drawing
    Recommended rotation speed and feed
    Center of gravity (if required)
    Spare parts mounted on the tool

    OPTIONAL features and benefits:
    1) Knives with DLC coating for an extreme cutting life and a reduction of heat on the surface of the cutting edge
    2) Profiled knives with chipbreaker to eliminate micro-imperfections on the finished wood (where technically necessary)
    3) Gripping plug: for safe handling of the tool without risk of injury and cuts
    4) Anodic oxidation of the tool body (anti-wear)
    5) Spare parts management Software


    In the page HIGHLIGHTS you'll be able to find more information on these awesome tools!