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    fasciolo finestra in legno

    A wooden window doesn't age: it is lived!!
    The wood used to make windows coming from few species that grow more in forests and woods of the northern hemisphere. Its extension offers increasing use of these species of wood. There are two significant data: 150 years ago Finland appeared like a desolate expanse of snow and lakes: today is covered of woods and it is the biggest il maggior European exporter of wood to make paper and building. Volumes of wood that come from "commission" – difference between the grow of forest and its use – are continuously increasing. Unfortunately even the offer of wooden material for building is increasing and the prices of table or squares for windows and doors are stable for 15 years. While the cost of metals is increasing, the one of wood is decreasing. Not even the high cost of certification of forests have managed to improve the situation: wood remain the most abundant natural material with lowest cost and it offer higher durability than other material. One wooden window resists on average 50 years, although requires periodic maintenance, but costs of replacement or disposal of window not made of wood are very high.

  • Wooden windows for his or her comfort

    Feng Shui is an ancient chinese taoist art 3000 years ago that search the best localization to build houses or to arrange the interior furnishings so that life can flow happy with beneficial effects for those who live. The Feng Shui sets conditions for the energy to flow in the ambience without obstacles and brings health and happiness for whose live there so that they can tune in harmony with Qi - the energy in the space - around them.
    Feng Shui is also defined an environment therapy to cure spirit and body using the energy present where people live, sleep or work.

    Feng Shui can help us when we are going to set up a room for child and suggests ideas to improve the atmosphere and make it full of positive energy and comfort. Environment around the children has a big influence from their firsts days of life and is better that energy circles harmoniously without obstacles.

    Best solution regarding the bedroom for child would be it is situated in a quiet place and separated from other noisy rooms to foster a sense of intimacy and represents a privileged location for play, peaceful sleep and, in future, study. First thing is that the furnitures are made by natural wood with light colors and smooth surfaces that don't have to reflect too much light. Better if the floor is made by natural wood too because it feeds the energy and let flows it avoiding from the accumulation of electrostatic charges as in the vicinity of some metals.

    Furniture should not have edges or corners too accentuated but smooth surfaces: soft shapes and round borders have to be choosen for bed and shelves, table, changing table and also for the picture frames on the walls. These furnitures remember sense of comfort and protection gifted by mother's womb and don't ruin the energy corridors.

    Roller blinds are suggested on windows; they have to stay close during night and open some hours during day to let the light comes inside the room. Shutters or metal windows are not recommended: always only wood for windows.

  • Wooden windows are the best choice

    When you build a new house or start a restructuring is good to choose the right materials.
    Without a doubt a wooden window is the best choice.

    In these pages you'll find many reasons to choose a Wooden or Aluminum-wooden window. These information aren't connected to a specific manufacturer; we want be a source of useful information for manufacturer and final customer.

    Choose a wooden window mean choose the best option.

    Let us see why.

  • Wooden windows for the health

    Feeling good: pleasing aura.
    Wood increases welfare of person: not only because of good look but also of its features that are perceived by the unconscious. The surface of wood guarantees a low thermal conductivity to avoid thermal bridges and condensation as well as arrange a pleasant tactile experience. This means that your window regulates humidity, thanks to a property of wood, increasing a creation of a comfortable atmosphere inside the rooms of house.

    Humidity in the right measure.
    A property of wood allows it to assimilate or release humidity when air is too dry. It is very pleasant and healthy for the airways; for example the contagious diseases spread better in places with high humidity.

  • Wooden windows protect the environment

    Climate protection
    Wood is the most eco-friendly material in the world.
    The production of the wood starts in the forest, natural habitat of plants and animals.
    Trees product oxygen and assimilate carbon dioxide during their growth otherwise world will be damaged.
    More trees grow and more will be the quantity of carbon dioxide that will be eliminated from environment positively affecting the climate. More trees grow and more woods will be used.

    Lower consumption
    Wood material cannot be artificially produced and this is the reason why the energy consumed to produce wooden windows is considerably low compared to production of windows with other artificial materials.

    New energy
    If you have wooden windows you are protecting the climate because during their life span they store lots of carbon dioxide and solar power. This energy will be released when wood burns like heat.

    Ecologic profile
    Wood is the cheapest option for environment because could be cultivated in a sustainable manner; environment impact is reduced.

    No waste
    Every type of wood and its parts have a precise use: the chips will be used to make particleboards, bark for hummus and weak woods for paper.
    Wooden frame are completely made by wood without use of other materials.
    In the end the old wooden frames don't have a high disposal cost because could be processed to get energy. Modern primers and paints for wood don't pollute the environment during combustion.

  • Wooden windows are a worthwhile investment

    One single centimeter of wood insulates like ten centimeters of brick!
    That is the reason why wooden windows are the first choice in the passive houses with low power consumption.
    Other values of insulation become in economic saving on your heating bill.
    With wooden windows you'll save money.

    For other materials is very difficult to compete with wood about insulation. What is outside has to stay outside: cold in winter and hot in summer.
    Same reasoning is for acoustic insulation: hotel and airports use often wooden windows.

    Regarding insulation: some data
    Doing the surveys on different materials regarding temperature gradients we can find that wood has an excellent insulation.
    The windows mounted on passive houses must be built only with wood, wood with cork or wood with fibers of wood to reach a value of insulaton lower than 0.80W(m²K).

    People who buy wooden windows will guarantee jobs.
    Production of wooden windows can be automated in few part only and that guarantees jobs for many; this because need more highly qualified staff than a PVC window.

  • Wooden windows: what is valuable needs care

    Easy to care
    Modern wooden windows are the best of care and maintenance.
    You have to forget the rumors regarding high cost of maintenance.
    All the mateirals need maintenance, not only wood!
    Thanks to new surface treatments wooden windows need an easy and fast maintenance.

    Watchword: flexibility
    Wooden windows have the advantage of being able to be painted and you can't do that with other materials.
    With wood you can, for example, choose two different colours: one inside and one outside.
    New decor? New tastes? ...No problems.
    With a wooden windows you'll always remain flexible.
    After years your house will be like a new one without spend lots of money.
    There are many colors available and with new paints everything is easy even the DIY.

  • Wooden windows a life long happiness!

    In the historic centers traditional materials are very important to maintaining the appearance of the past.
    People that restructure their homes with wooden windows stays faithful to the original style and passed it down over time.

    Wooden fixtures last a life span and beyond; you can see this in many houses, palaces and castles where this fixtures have remained until today. Their beauty and their charm are immutable.

    A truly informed choice
    «Wooden windows are more beautiful and eco-friendly than other types but also more expensive», this is what many buyers of windows think.
    It is important to don't make comparisons on prices without evaluating all points of view.
    Use of wooden windows pays for itself over time even if during purchase there were cheaper options.
    Other reasons, addition to those previously listed, are:
    - Wood is a simple material di repair; any damages can be repaired without great effort or excessive cost.
    - Wood offers a possibility to be revived or changed in its appear.
    Other cheaper materials after some years turn gray, coupled with poor appearance; many times, although still functional, need they need to be changed completely.

    Acquisition cost
    A wooden window is like a low-energy light bulbs because seems an expensive spending but they are more efficient and durable. The optimum insulation characteristics, long life span, the excellent performance and the appearance pay off the initial costs. Even if it isn't excessive in the market of fixtures.
    Generally a window is changed because technically no longer functioning or for aesthetic outdated but this doesn't happen to a wooden windows. It could be adapted to the actual taste of the person also reviewed and technically repaired avoiding cost of replacing.

  • Wooden windows the intelligent combination

    A winning union
    Combination of wood and aluminum isn't a new thing in the construction of windows and gets very good results.
    Outside the aluminum resists to weather while the wood inside give optimal comfort: this is the secret of a perfect equilibrium.
    With their optimal technical characteristics the aluminum-wooden windows show what they can do: a perfect union between modern and tradition where the first one is like a second skin to protect wood which protects natural and cozy atmosphere.

  • Wooden windows technically advanced

    Fire protection: against common belief
    Wooden windows protect men and things better from fire than plastic windows.
    A wooden window has more resistance to fire and produces less smoke when is burning. Plastic materials melt with a temperature of 110/130°C while woods can resist up to 200°C.
    This means that a frame of wooden window remain stable longer than a plastic one.

    Tests passed with high vote
    From the technological point of view the wooden window satisfy technical standard because is resistant and has excellent performance in every situation. Wood is the best material for windows due to its high stability to temperature changes. This is why shutters and verandahs are made of wood.

    Essence: which one to choose?
    Windows can be made by different type of wood wi Le finestre possono essere fatte con diversi tipi di legno each with their own specifications.
    Aesthetics, hardness and the characteristic of absorbing humidity can be very different between types of wood. Also prices can be very different.
    To know what could be the best choice for your windows we must consider many factors:
    - want to choose national wood
    - how big is the surface
    - what static characteristics need to have wood
    - how is the weather
    The choice of wood should be evaluated with your carpenter or architect.

  • Wooden windows have many customizations

    Thanks to great customization of wood is possible to satisfy many and different inquiries from buyers.
    Wood allows a real service «on request» from customers.

  • Wooden windows many reasons to say: YES!

    These are, in short, our reasons to say YES to WOOd:

    1. Create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere
    2. Natural beauty for every need
    3. Humidity regulator
    4. Eco friendly choice
    5. Excellent performance: high thermal and acoustic insulation
    6. Make jobs
    7. Low cost of maintenance and easy repairs
    8. Durability
    9. Weather resistance
    10. History and traditions

    Now we wish you a conscious choice.

  • Wooden windows traditional fragrance

    Beautiful, elastic, comfortable and also scented.
    The wood fragrance perfumes the environment.